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I believe humanity is held back by the lack of thinking. I provoke thought with examples of what happens when we don’t think, and when we do.

This is True is a non-partisan news commentary feature, sent weekly by email. Each week features several short summaries of weird (but true!) news items from around the world. Each story ends with a comment — a tagline which is humorous, ironic, or opinionated (or with luck, some combination of the three).

Some topics call for more explanation or exploration, and are posted as essays on this site. The newsletter carries links to these, and you can subscribe separately to be notified when they are published.

How did he get so popular so fast?
Well, for one thing, he writes funny stuff.

—New York Times

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My weekly newsletter includes weird-but-true stories like…

  • A man sued his doctor because he survived his cancer longer than the doctor predicted.
  • Two robbers were in the process of their crime when one changed his mind and arrested the other.
  • A woman had her husband’s ashes made into an egg timer when he died so he could still “help” in the kitchen.
  • Only 68 of 200 Anglican priests polled could name all Ten Commandments, but half said they believed in space aliens.

True’s Mission is to Promote More Thinking in the World. But if readers aren’t entertained by the stories, they won’t read very many. So its vehicle is weird-but-true news from legitimate news sources from around the world.

This is True has been covered by many large publications, such as the New York Times.


There’s also an extensive weird news archive, and an active blog and podcast.

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