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“There Are Rules”

Almost a year after winning $2 million in the lottery, Leroy Fink is still on food stamps. But the Austin, Mich., man “did the right thing” by the state, said his lawyer, John Wilson: he told the Department of Human Services about his windfall, and a caseworker told him it was OK to stay on the dole. “There are rules,” said Wilson. “Not to mention, the state knows he won. They issued the check.” Income is the key, a state official explained, so a lottery winner might still be eligible for relief if his winnings are counted as assets, rather than income. Fink’s eligibility was reviewed, and the state said he still qualifies. After taxes, Fink received about $850,000 from his $20 ticket, his lawyer said. (AC/Bay City Times) ...If he could afford a $20 lottery ticket, why was he on food stamps?
Original Publication Date: 12 June 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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