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A Picture’s Worth a Thousands Laughs

Matthew Nieveen, 19, was arrested in Lincoln, Neb., for alleged drunk driving after police noticed his pickup truck cross the center line several times. It was his second offense. Not news? How about this: he was arrested on Halloween, and was in costume. His blood alcohol level was “more than twice” the .08 percent limit for adults. Nieveen was also charged with having an open container of alcohol in his vehicle, negligent driving, and being a minor in possession of alcohol, since he is under 21. The costume: “He was dressed as a PBT [preliminary breath testing] alcohol sensor,” his arrest report notes — a Breathalyzer, with the blow tube sticking out below ...well... his waist. (RC/Lincoln Journal-Star) ...And the only one who blew it was Nieveen.
Author’s Note: The photo, and reader reaction to the story, are on my blog:
Original Publication Date: 14 November 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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