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All In the Family

The Rhine family in Medina, Ohio, has been thrown into crisis. The 19-year-old son used a cigarette lighter to look under the bed for the TV remote control. The bed, of course, caught fire, so the dunce tried flipping over the mattress to stifle the flames. But then the think tank held by the rest of the family concluded that their best action would be to open up all the windows and doors to “to control some of the smoke damage,” Fire Chief Bob Painter said. The rush of fresh air fed the fire, and the home was completely destroyed. Karen Rhine told reporters the family is “devastated” by the loss of their three dogs to the fire, and lamented the fact that now they’re left with nothing. (JW/WJW Cleveland) ...The dogs, observing the family had a lower total IQ than any one of them, had the opportunity to escape, but simply chose not to.
Original Publication Date: 20 February 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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