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All is Calm, Few are Bright

A Christmas party for employees of the Los Angeles County, Calif., Men’s Central Jail turned ugly when a brawl broke out that resulted in seven deputies being relieved of duty. Local police received an anonymous 911 call around midnight that a fight had broken out at the party of roughly 100 guests, including sheriff’s supervisors, at the Quiet Cannon banquet hall. It was unclear if alcohol was involved, but a sheriffs spokesman said that considering “it was a Christmas party, one could assume there was” drinking. At least two people received minor injuries, but no arrests were made — yet. Administrative and criminal investigations have been started. (JW/Los Angeles Times) ...If there was alcohol involved, one could assume there was idiocy committed.
Original Publication Date: 26 December 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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