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All That for a Bag of Chips

Bruce Tuck wants to take back his confession in the rapes of four women in Martin, Tenn. Tuck claims police coerced his statement with unfair means: he’s 275 pounds, and the jail diet he was on made him so hungry that he only confessed when a detective “offered the defendant a bag of chips and a cold drink in exchange for talking to him about the cases,” a court filing says. Investigators say there is “overwhelming” evidence against him, including a positive DNA match. Tuck, a former police department jailer, faces 60 years in prison if convicted. (RC/Memphis Commercial Appeal) ...And no more chips until his parole.
Story Update: Tuck, branded “the big bellied rapist,” pleaded guilty to multiple rapes, and is unlikely to be released from prison before he dies.
Original Publication Date: 04 July 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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