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And Damned if You Don’t

Gary Tudesko went bird hunting at sunrise in Willows, Calif., but apparently came up empty-handed. He didn’t have time to go home or he’d be late for school, so he went straight there. Since his school has a “zero tolerance” policy regarding firearms, and he still had his unloaded shotguns in his truck, he was careful to park on the street so his guns would not be on the Willows High School campus, even in the parking lot. But a random search of parked cars on the street by dogs revealed the guns, and Principal Mort Geivett said he was justified in suspending the junior on the grounds that the school is responsible for students both on the way to school, and on the way home. “I’m erring on the safe side of protecting staff and kids,” Geivett said. The Willows Unified School District board of trustees voted 4 to 0 to expel the boy indefinitely, in part because of Tudesko’s recent poor grades — which he got because he was already on suspension when several assignments and tests were given, his mother said. (RC/Chico Enterprise-Record) ...Area residents are hunting for common sense in the schools, but will come up empty-handed.
Original Publication Date: 06 December 2009
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 16.

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