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And He Got His Ride, Too

Ongley Raymond Ocon III, 19, of Danville, Calif., had left a party and was looking for a ride. He may have thought the car parked at the curb was a taxi, but it wasn’t. Redwood City police officer Carmine Galotta Jr. was at the wheel of his marked patrol cruiser, and looked up to see Ocon’s “face pressed up against the window glass,” said a prosecutor. Galotta asked Ocon if he needed something, and Ocon replied “that he needed a ride.” Following standard procedure, before letting him in his car Galotta asked Ocon if he had anything illegal in his possession. “Yes,” Ocon said — then he “paused” and changed his answer to “no.” Ocon consented to a search, and a packet of cocaine was found in his pocket. Ocon pled no contest to drug possession, and was sentenced to 18 months of drug counseling. (RC/San Francisco Chronicle) ...Will that really help? Yes! Well... no.
Original Publication Date: 14 November 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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