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Angel of Mercy

A patient in surgery at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, Minn., identified only as LVK, was screaming in pain. Registered Nurse Sarah May Casareto, 33, was quick to step in, telling him to “go to your happy place” and “man up” because she had already given him as much medication as allowed. Hospital staff had to hold LVK down to complete the procedure, and the patient later went to police. The problem: Casareto had only given him a fraction of his dose, police say; she had shot the rest into herself instead. When confronted, Casareto resigned from her job, and allegedly admitted to police she is addicted to painkillers. Hospital administrators “declined to discuss” why doctors would continue to operate on a patient who is screaming in pain. “We have procedures to protect patients,” said hospital spokeswoman Gloria O’Connell, and there are “safeguards in place” to ensure employees don’t steal drugs. (RC/Minneapolis Star-Tribune) ...Let’s see you face LVK and say that again, madam.
Original Publication Date: 06 March 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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