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Anti-Anti-Social Behavior

Liz Klein, the principal of Osbourne Primary School in Mt. Martha, Vic., Australia, had a problem with “anti-social behavior” at her school, so she fixed it — by banning socializing. Large groups of students were, according to her, “entertaining themselves at other kids’ expense,” so her new rule prohibits students from being in groups of more than three. She claims the school of 600 students doesn’t have a bullying problem, just large packs of students aggravating other students. “So we thought if we just came up with an idea of stopping the groups, it could stop the problem,” she said. “It seems to be working.” (MS/Melbourne Herald Sun) ...Luckily, with the short-term success there’s no chance that curing anti-social behavior with anti-social rules will cause any long-term effects.
Original Publication Date: 28 November 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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