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Batman, Seeks Robin

John Bray of Waipawa, New Zealand, needs a partner. He’s part of a volunteer community patrol organization, but decided to go solo after his previous partner kept falling asleep on duty. While Bray feels his experience with a reconnaissance and raiding unit in the British Army qualifies him to deal with vandals and other miscreants, the national Community Patrol organization has said the 91-year-old can only stay on the roster if he finds a partner. “I’m not getting my hackles up about it,” Bray said, “I know their thinking. I mean, I know 70-year-olds who shouldn’t be driving a wheelbarrow, let alone a car.” While he had a recent fall and surgery, he’s looking forward to finding a new partner once he’s better. Waipawa patrol head John Carter hated to break the news to him. “We love him dearly,” he said, “and we’re desperately trying to find a partner for him.” (MS/Dominion Post) ...He hopes for a much younger partner — like 80.
Original Publication Date: 05 June 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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