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Beat Down

Police responded to a domestic dispute at a restaurant in Vero Beach, Fla. The alleged victim told officers he had called his girlfriend, Courtney Godwin, for a ride to work. But, worried she would be late, he got a ride from a friend. According to his statement, Godwin, 24, then showed up at his work and began yelling at him for not waiting for her. She then beat him and threw a jack, a chair, and rocks at him, then jumped in a car and tried to run him over. But he didn’t want to make a formal statement right away. “His primary concern was getting back home because she told him that she was going to set his clothes on fire,” the police report states. “It made me mad,” Godwin told police, “because I do everything for [him] and now he wants to try and make me look bad by having someone else drive him to work when I always take care of him.” (MS/Vero Beach Press Journal) ...Running your guy over isn’t “taking care of him” — at least in this context.
Original Publication Date: 04 March 2012
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 18.
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