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Better Not Try This

Jeremy Bell, 29, a partner in a marketing company in Toronto, Ont., Canada, was in his office when a squad of heavily armed “tactical” police officers burst in and threw him up against a wall. The cops wanted to talk to him about the gun he was seen holding. “I’m not trafficking guns or selling drugs or anything like that,” Bell said later, “so as soon as I saw that these cops were legit, I was like, all right, this has got to be about this stupid gun.” The “stupid gun” he had been holding was made out of Legos — he had received the kit that day, and had put it together in his office. Someone in an apartment complex across from his office window saw him holding it, and called the police. Once the officers realized the “gun” was a toy, they let him go, and the neighbor posted a note in his window: “Sorry, dude, it looked real.” (RC/Toronto Sun) ...Yeah? Well, that’s more than Bell can say about the neighbor’s “girlfriend” he saw with binoculars while working late the night before.
Original Publication Date: 13 December 2009
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 16.

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