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Big Blowup

Sandra Talbot, 32, spotted her ex-girlfriend at a gay bar in Dublin, Ireland, after a Halloween costume party. Talbot, who was dressed in an inflatable sumo wrestler costume, got into a fight with Adrienne Martin over the costume. Talbot went into a rage when Martin waved at a man who happened to be dressed as a giant Snickers bar. Talbot pulled a bottle of Smirnoff Ice out of her costume and smashed it on Martin’s head. Talbot was escorted out, but bouncers had to ask her to deflate her suit so she would fit through the door. Talbot, who describes herself as a tattoo artist in training, told Judge Catherine Murphy that Martin had “ruined her life,” but the judge wouldn’t have it: she fined Talbot 400 Euros (US$520) and told her to get over the breakup. (RC/Irish Central) ...The costumes were perfect: Talbot has an overinflated ego, and the guy was simply delicious!
Original Publication Date: 18 July 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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