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Big Bucks, Little Brains II

A lucky day at the casino turned into a bad day at the border for an unnamed Birmingham, Mich., man. His nearly $20,000 in gambling winnings were seized by Customs agents at the Detroit Windsor Tunnel. They said he lied about his gambling winnings and tried to sneak the money out of Canada without declaring it to border officials. The money was seized from him and a friend, who tried to avoid the $10,000 currency reporting requirement by splitting the winnings between them, one reporting $9,400, the other $9,500. When border agents pulled them over for more questioning, the passenger admitted he’d lost money at the casino, but was carrying the driver’s money. The driver admitted that he had actually won $40,000, deposited half at the casino, then split the rest with the passenger so each would be under the currency reporting limit. Customs officials say it’s not illegal to carry more than $10,000 over the border if it’s declared, but it is illegal to conceal cash and smuggle it over the border. (JW/Detroit Free Press) ...In other words, it was just another big gamble against a pretty small payoff.
Original Publication Date: 21 November 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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