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Birds Do It, Bees Do It

Many states have outdated, unenforced laws on the books, and sometimes legislators work to repeal them. Colorado Senate Bill 244 would have repealed two laws: one making adultery illegal, and one banning “promoting sexual immorality” by renting a room to unmarried people “who have sex” — as if innkeepers would be in a position to know. “These laws harken back to an earlier period where a majority of citizens claimed the right to impose their values and morals on their neighbors,” said George Washington University constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley, who says the two Colorado laws are likely unconstitutional. But after much debate, the bill to overturn the laws failed. (MS/Denver Post) ...And debating this is a much better use of the legislature’s time than oh, say, economic issues.
Original Publication Date: 29 May 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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