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Birthday Surprise

Mollie Marie Lenzi, 22, of St. Paul, Minn., went out to celebrate her birthday with friends. She indulged in “Birthday Tuesday” at a local bar which, according to the bar’s website, provides “a birthday mug filled with complimentary birthday drink” for the guest of honor. After reaching the proper state of inebriation (.21 percent blood alcohol, according to police), she sat in the front passenger seat for the ride home. The car, however, crashed into a center median. The driver, Natalie Mast, had a blood alcohol level well below the legal limit, but Lenzi — with a level 2-1/2 times the limit — was charged with two counts of felony criminal vehicular operation. According to statements from the others in the car, Lenzi had reached over, “grabbed the steering wheel and turned it, causing the vehicle to veer” and crash. (MS/Pioneer Press) ...Back seat driving is bad no matter what seat you’re in.
Publication Date: 25 December 2011
This story is in True’s book collection, Volume 18.

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