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Blame Florida

A foreign motorist was pulled over in Florida on suspicion of terrorism. The call for backup urged officers to bring a dog: “That he could have — he’s from out of the country — he could have bombs or drugs in it,” explained the caller, who told a 911 dispatcher that his name was “classified.” But the police report of the incident reveals his name, along with his age and hometown: He is Joseph Tarochione, 73, of Homosassa, and he has been charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer. Tarochione, who had multiple guns, claimed to be a Special Forces member assigned to find terrorists; he thought he’d found one, the police report said, because of the motorist’s Canadian license plate. (AC/WFLA Tampa) ...“Special” yes; “Forces” not so much.
Publication Date: 19 February 2012
This story is in True’s book collection, Volume 18.

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