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Blondes Have More Fun

Victoria Clapham, 22, and Bridget Masters, 20, had strong feelings about who looked better in a particular silver dress. According to their testimonies in Wellington (New Zealand) District court, an altercation began in the ladies room of the Temperance Bar when Clapham spotted Masters wearing the dress that her former boyfriend had let her wear when she was going with him. Clapham told Masters that the dress looked better on her, and in response Masters allegedly threw her drink at her. Chapham retaliated by throwing her own drink, which was allegedly met by Masters hitting her over the head with her glass. Masters claims her action was self defense, and she was holding up her hand with the glass to block a punch. Chapman denied throwing the punch, although she did admit to calling Masters a moron on Facebook. “The trial continues,” the paper said. (MS/Wellington Dominion Post) ...As no doubt will the cat fight.
Original Publication Date: 07 November 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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