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Bring Your Own Ice

Tony Nelin and Timmy Ryan, both 20 and from Tinley Park, Ill., love to play hockey. First, they got permission to build a $350 rink (complete with penalty boxes) in a friend’s backyard. Then, they used a water hose to begin filling the 91- by 43-foot rink. To avoid running up their water bill, they borrowed a fire hose from a firefighter relative and allegedly tapped into a nearby fire hydrant. Four hours and 26,000 gallons later, they had a rink of water just waiting to freeze. The city, however, is pretty unhappy at getting the bill they avoided, which is estimated at $127.44, along with the reduced water pressure in the meantime. “I really just thought it was water,” Nelin said. “I didn’t think it was this big of a problem.” Both men were issued citations for tampering with a fire hydrant; in an upcoming court appearance they expect to be fined and have to pay for the water, but “It will be worth it,” Nelin said. (MS/Chicago Tribune) ...That’s a pretty bold assertion, considering he doesn’t know what the fines will be yet.
Original Publication Date: 08 January 2012
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 18.

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