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But We Did it for the Children

A newly FDA-approved drug that can help prevent premature births in high-risk women is simply a synthetic form of the familiar hormone progesterone. The drug was originally created by compounding pharmacies for $10–20 per shot. But the price tag on the new version, Makena by K-V Pharmaceuticals, is $1,500 per dose, and up to 20 shots are needed per pregnancy. K-V also sent letters to compounding pharmacies threatening that if they continue to compound the previous version, they will be subject to legal action. The FDA has assured pharmacies they can still make the $20 version; in response, K-V lowered their price — to $690 per shot. (JW/Los Angeles Times) ...The drug’s name, of course, is short for “Makena Fortune from a Natural Substance”.
Original Publication Date: 03 April 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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