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Can You Describe the Man?

Police in Redding, Calif., chased a pair of prowlers through a residential neighborhood. They quickly caught one, but despite deploying six officers, a helicopter, and a police dog, they were unable to find the other man. Russell Spade, 41, a resident of the neighborhood, was listening to it all on his radio scanner, police say, and heard the description of the fleeing felon: he was wearing khaki pants and a San Francisco 49ers logo sweatshirt. Spade, police say, realized he had a pair of khaki pants and a San Francisco 49ers logo sweatshirt, so he put them on and went outside to see if officers “noticed” him. “Well, we noticed him,” said Sgt. Steve Moravec. They quickly determined Spade wasn’t the prowler, but arrested him anyway — for obstructing and delaying a police officer. (RC/Redding Record Searchlight) ...Well, they arrested him just because he was an idiot, but “obstructing and delaying a police officer” made it legitimate.
Original Publication Date: 13 December 2009
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 16.

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