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Checkered Cloth

“With him being a man of the cloth, I was having a little spiritual battle because I’m a Christian myself,” said repo man Ken Falzini. “But I figured I got to do what I got to do.” Thus, Falzini set out one Sunday to repossess what he described as a $60,000 Lexus that Bishop Marc Neal had bought through his church, the Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church in Akron, Ohio. But the man of the cloth turned out to be something of a speed demon: Falzini estimates Neal drove the vehicle away at speeds of 40-60 mph — with Falzini clinging to the hood for dear life. Neal, 48, was smiling and making sharp turns, Falzini said, seemingly trying to throw him off. “I thought, ‘Man, is this what Jesus would do?’,” Falzini said later. A grand jury has indicted Neal on felony charges including abduction and assault. Neal’s attorney, Adam VanHo, said that “to show up at a minister’s church on a Sunday morning and try to take his car during services is absolutely disrespectful.” (AC/Akron Beacon Journal) ...“Pay unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.” —Mark 12:17.
Original Publication Date: 01 May 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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