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“We like to think of ourselves as pet friendly,” said Brandy Smith Branstad, the manager of the Holiday Inn in Mason City, Iowa. “But when we say that, we really mean cats and dogs.” Employees called police when they saw a a bull python in a hallway. It turns out the 5-year-old snake belonged to a hotel guest, Michael Salo, 25. “The man was a guest at the hotel,” Branstad said. “The snake was not.” Not a welcome one, anyway. Salo was fined $65 for violating the town’s animal control ordinance for allowing the snake to “be at large without control or supervision.” (RC/Mason City Globe-Gazette) ...Yeah, well, you try to find a leash that fits a python in Mason City!
Original Publication Date: 20 June 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 16.
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