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Confession Is Good for the Soul

Investigators solved a $62,000 bank robbery in Houston, Texas, thanks to the suspects posting details of the crime to Facebook. Two days before the heist, bank teller Estefany Martinez, 19, posted, “Get $$$.” The day after, she posted, “IM RICH”. Her boyfriend, Ricky “Ricko Gee” Gonzalez, 18, posted “WIPE MY TEETH WITH HUNDEREDS” and “U HAVE TO PAST THE LINE SOMETIMES!! TO GET DIS MONEY!!” Online friends tipped the cops to the posts after hearing about the robbery at Martinez’s bank. The only other teller on duty during the robbery, Anna Margarita Rivera, also 19, was also arrested in the plot. Her brother, Arturo Solano, 22, allegedly helped Gonzalez pull off the actual heist. Martinez was on duty during a previous real robbery and, she told detectives, thought staging a robbery would be “easy” to pull off. (MS/Houston Chronicle) ...Sure it’s easy to do a robbery. The hard part is getting away with it.
Original Publication Date: 08 May 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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