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“He held up a knife and kept saying ‘give me the money’,” remembers Mary Archer, 56, the assistant manager of an Arby’s restaurant in Fairborn, Ohio. “I had pushed him away,” she said, “because I’m like, ‘I’m not going to die in Arby’s tonight. I’m just not.’” After pushing the robber aside, Archer jumped out the drive-through window and escaped, and the robber ran off empty-handed. It was the third time Archer had been robbed at the store in six months. Arby’s fired her for being alone in the restaurant; she had opened the door because a co-worker had just left, and then she heard the doorbell. She thought it was the co-worker returning, but it was the robber. Archer isn’t appealing for an exception to the restaurant’s zero tolerance policy. “I don’t want my job back,” she said, noting that she was three months shy of her 23rd year of employment with the chain. (RC/Dayton Daily News) ...Sometimes, being released from chains is just that easy.
Original Publication Date: 18 November 2012
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 19.

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