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Don’t Lose Your Head II

William B. Hare, 47, a psychologist, and Rajendra Srivastava, 30, were arrested and charged with larceny over $250 for allegedly sawing the head off an ice sculpture dragon at a street fair in Salem, Mass. Twice. Police recovered the dragon heads and put them in an evidence freezer, but the freezer failed, and the evidence turned into a puddle. Police are confident the court won’t throw the case out — “They’re pretty flexible,” a police spokesman said — but Hare’s lawyer is asking for dismissal. “My clients have a right to confront the evidence brought against them in court.” (RC/Boston Herald) ...If only there was some sort of technology to capture a lasting image of physical objects.
Original Publication Date: 25 March 2012
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 18.
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