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Mistakes Were Made.Did you find an error or problem in an issue? This is the place to check it out: if it’s not mentioned here, please feel free to use the form below to report it. Reports will stay here for around 4 weeks before they roll off the bottom.

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13 Nov 1483 PlayStation 4 game console. And wording was mixed up in a sentence recast: It’s not particularly surprising that Pennsylvania State Representative Tony DeLuca, a Democrat, was re-elected, considering 60 percent of registered voters in his district are Democrats, and no Republicans even ran against him. Oops: I put the free edition together in a hurry in the passenger seat of a car, and left a couple of paragraphs in the Author’s Notes section pertaining to stories that were removed. Sorry for any confusion.
6 Nov 1482 Various links weren’t included: Last Week’s Story of the Week on TelegramTwitterInstagramFacebook, and/or Mastodon. And the Honorary Unsubscribe: Ernie Lazar. None.
30 Oct 1481 I have the minor typos Pervans and “a another”. None.
23 Oct 1480 I have the Ouija typo, and “claiming they had assaulted him“…. None.

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