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16 Feb
I didn’t catch Alexander’s variable spelling: the correct is “Viersen”. And (sigh!) this is issue #1340, not 1140. I also have the typo “fired after accidentally dumpeding….”None.
9 Feb
Tate Museum should read Tate Gallery. Also, not only was Baden-Württemberg correct in my editor, I actually pasted it in with that particular letter set to ü! 🙁None.
2 Feb
Mary Higgins Clark died January, not December, 31. Not sure how I typed that wrong.
The robber saying “ya’ll done” was definitely what the source newspaper published, though (since it was spoken) it’s clearly a police or (more probably) reporter’s error, and my general policy is to correct such unless I can prove it was written that way in the police report, so indeed it should have been fixed to “y’all”.
26 Jan
Oops: I never got back to put anyone in the “And So Long to” section of the H.U.
Also, I have the transposition: “Which is a lot more than how much it could have been….” (My fault, not Alexander’s: editing error!)

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