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15 JulA reader suggests the “7.5 caliber” tank round is probably really 75mm — and looking at WWII articles, I’m inclined to agree: Deutsche Welle surely got it wrong; 7.5 caliber would be around 190mm, which is awfully large for a WWII tank. And weird: I know I took the first C out of “Actchison County” (and even checked to see if there were any more), yet there it is still. >:-(None.
8 JulThe repeated words in the H.U. are fixed (and so is the link). Plus, I can’t believe I failed to close the “blockquote” on the Challenge story, which screws up the margins for the rest of the issue….None.
1 JulI have the incorrect word order: “…in a signed confession that at age 18….” Also, the “Florida Carpool” incident was on Interstate 95, not 85.None.
24 JunWeird: the bottom of the Honorary Unsubscribe got cut off:

  • This Entry in the Archive: Hanabi-ko (OK to share link)
  • Plus, Farewell to James Gips, a professor (of computer science and information systems) at Boston College, the co-inventor and developer of EagleEyes and Camera Mouse, technologies that helped people with severe disabilities use computers. He died June 10 at 72.
  • And So Long to Kazuo Kashio, co-founder (with three brothers) and 27-year president of calculator/camera/watch/etc. manufacturer Casio, dead in Tokyo June 18 from pneumonia at 89.
  • Honorary Unsubscribe Archive

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