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Did you find an error or problem in an issue of This is True? This is the place to check it out. And if it’s not mentioned here, please feel free to use the form below to report it. (Regular comments are always appreciated, but please: not via this form.) Reports will stay here for 3-4 weeks before they roll off the bottom.

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24 MarI have the shark→whale write-o.

Seriously, read this part! As noted in the “PLEASE read this” section below, H.U. corrections are made on the archive and are generally not shown here. Please stop telling me about “Trace”! That was fixed Monday. The idea of this page is to save both you and me time.

17 MarI have the missing word: “where he had risen…”, and “an impound lot”. Thanks, all!None.
10 MarI have the extraneous word: “…found three voicemails with filled with profanities.”None.
3 MarMy error: the Ferrari crash was in Arvada, Colo., not Aurora. I also have the Hays→Says typo.None.

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  • Useful Reports: Actual errors in stories, URLs, or other things that matter to readers.
  • Non-Useful Reports: Typos in reader letters or ads. Such are not my error!
  • Honorary Unsubscribe errors are not listed here; its archive is kept up-to-date with any changes or corrections. If you find something not already corrected there, feel free to use the form below to report it.

Sorry this all sounds really grumpy, but all I’m really trying to do is avoid literally hundreds of reports saying the same thing. Thus: Thank You for your useful reports!

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