First Patreon Goal Reached!

True’s Patreon campaign to help keep this publication going has broken its first goal: scores of readers have joined together to get great rewards, and, as of last Thursday, together are now providing more than $1,000/month funding to help pay the bills.

Patreon is a “crowd-funding” platform for creative endeavors. By meeting this goal, I’m happy to say that, as promised, there are no longer outside ads on True’s web site. When I went to different ads (replacing Google’s truly disgusting ads), I made the new ones really easy to remove once this day came.

This is True joins PatreonYes, they’ll come back should the Patreon support level drop below $1,000 again, but I don’t really think that will happen. Thanks so much for your support.

Lowered Risk

Unlike most “crowd-funding” sites, where you may or may not get the product you paid for, Patreon is a very low risk way to help True publish: you can increase, decrease, or cancel your support at any time, and is mostly an alternative way to get Premium subscriptions. And, of course, you can get nifty benefits along the way for yourself and/or your business, such as access to the private reader forum. Just like getting rid of ads, there are other benefits that everyone will get when we reach other goals.

See True’s Patreon Page for full details, or the alternative on True’s own shopping cart to get the same benefits without Patreon’s added fees.

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