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Flying High

A Cessna small aircraft flying in Thuringia, Germany, wasn’t the only thing gassed up: apparently the pilot was, too, having drunk his fill of beer and wine before taking to the skies. After two hours of flying, he was drunk enough that he had to get on the radio to ask air traffic control where the Schoengleida airfield was. “Come on, I know you’re down there,” he said over the radio. “Where the bloody hell have you hidden yourself?” Controllers said he was also singing on the radio, told a joke, and then complained controllers needed to “pull their fingers out as I’ve got a party to go to!” Controllers sent a helicopter up to guide the unnamed 65-year-old man, 50 miles off course, to the airfield. The pilot jumped out of the plane and into his car and drove off. Police caught up with him, found his blood alcohol to be four times the legal limit, and not only took away his driver’s license but his pilot’s license too. (RC/London Telegraph) ...As long as he still has his barstool license, he’ll be happy.
Publication Date: 20 September 2009
This story is in True’s book collection, Volume 16.

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