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Godwin’s Law

Torkieh Sadagheh, 30, tried crying in court. He tried screaming at the judge, who he declared “worse than Hitler.” None of it worked. Sadagheh, who posed as a livery cab driver to find victims for a rape spree, was caught after one victim noted his license plate number as she fled his car. “They have two women defiling my constitutional rights!” he yelled in court. But Manhattan, N.Y., Supreme Court Justice Thomas Farber wouldn’t have any of it: “I have before me a selfish, manipulative, narcissistic predator,” he said. “I see no reason to give him less than 15 years,” though “he probably deserves more,” the judge said. So Farber tacked on a $1,000 fine and an extra 30 days in jail for contempt of court for Sadagheh’s outbursts, including the Syrian’s incredulous scream, “In America sex is legal!” (RC/New York Daily News) ...Maybe, but consent is nine-tenths of the law.
Original Publication Date: 15 November 2009
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 16.

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