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Got the Picture?

John Myers of Bloomfield, N.J., set up for a family photo on a visit to the state capitol building in Madison, Wisc. He set the self-timer, got into the shot with his family, and turned around to find his bag was gone. He quickly looked at the photo, and sure enough it caught someone in the background, taking the bag. “I fully expected the Capitol Police to tell me this happens all the time and there was nothing they could do, but as soon as they saw the picture they sent two officers out running and gave out a description,” he said. Police quickly caught up with the culprit, who still had the bag — and Myers’s wallet with cash and credit cards, and the family’s hotel key. Glenn R. Lambright, 59, showed police where he had dumped the rest of the Myers’s belongings — and pleaded not guilty to theft charges. (RC/Wisconsin State Journal) ...And swore out a complaint against Myers for “stealing his soul” with the photo.
Original Publication Date: 19 September 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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