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Guerilla Marketing

Hollywood, Fla., has to deal with the same problem as a lot of cities: signs shilling various commercial offerings along public medians. And while it is illegal, the offenders must be caught in the act to be charged. “It occurred to me that they want us to call,” said Mayor Peter Bober. “So, we’re going to call, and keep calling, until their heads are spinning.” The city’s “robocall” system calls numbers on the advertisements up to 20 times a day. The recorded message tells the advertisers that their signs were illegally placed, and that to stop the calls, they need to report to the court, receive a citation, and file paperwork reporting that the signs were removed. After just one day, says Bober, “We’ve already heard from multiple people who want the calls to stop and as quickly as possible.” (MS/South Florida Sun-Sentinel) ...How to get “friends” in big trouble in one easy step!
Publication Date: 08 April 2012
This story is in True’s book collection, Volume 18.

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