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Half Pint

“I was like, ‘You open my car door, you punch me, it’s on!’” said Denise Shull, 43, of Carson City, Nev. The 98-pound credit manager of a loan company had gotten into her car after a long day; the company’s bank bag was on the front seat next to her. And suddenly, a woman twice her weight pulled open Shull’s car door, punched her in the chest, and grabbed the bank bag. But Shull wrestled the woman to the ground, grabbed the bank bag back, and tossed it back into her car. The robber then broke Shull’s grasp and ran off with Shull in hot pursuit. Shull tackled the woman, and then the robber’s boyfriend joined the fight, beating on Shull too. “But I wasn’t letting go,” Shull said. “Over the whole entire thing I wasn’t scared ever.” Finally a witness intervened and ran the man off, and Shull turned her prisoner over to police. Christian Rodriguez, 41, was charged with strong-arm robbery; it turns out she used to have Shull’s job at the loan company. Her boyfriend, Victor Hugo Gomez-Cano, 36, was found hiding near a cemetery, and was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. (RC/Nevada Appeal) ...She’s 98 pounds, sure. “Weakling”? Not even, sister!
Original Publication Date: 22 August 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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