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He’s Just Not Himself These Days

Police in Regina, Sask., Canada, had a warrant for the arrest of David William McKay, 28, and went to a house looking for him. The man who answered the door matched McKay’s description, but the man insisted he wasn’t McKay. He did admit knowing him, though: McKay was “a badass,” he said. The man said his name is Matthew — but was unable to spell that name. When an officer pointed out that the man had the name “David McKay” tattooed across his back, the man still insisted he wasn’t McKay. Officers arrested him anyway. It was McKay, and he was given 45 days in jail for obstructing police. (RC/Regina Leader-Post) ...Of course, he probably can’t spell “David” either.
Original Publication Date: 11 October 2009
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 16.
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