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Heaven Can Wait

Jim McGreevey, 53, the former governor of New Jersey, who resigned following admitting an extramarital affair with another man, has been studying for a new career: as a priest. After resigning as governor, when he declared himself a “Gay American”, McGreevey “was sort of looking for every angle to make a complete redo of his professional life” and “ran to the church for some kind of cover, which isn’t fully appropriate,” said a spokesman for the Episcopal Diocese of Newark. McGreevey has been studying for the priesthood for four years, and recently obtained a Master of Divinity degree. The Episcopal Church, however, turned him down for priesthood. Another Diocese spokesman said the turndown “was not [for] being gay, but for being a jackass.” (RC/New York Post) ...Yeah, that’s a new concept for McGreevey, since that doesn’t make people ineligible for political office.
Original Publication Date: 22 May 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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