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His Dinner Plans Backfired

Phillip Ransom didn’t quite make it home from work: his van broke down just a block from his Kansas City, Mo., home. It sat there backfiring — and then a squad car pulled up, called in to investigate “shots fired” in the area. When the officers heard the loud pops of Ransom’s van backfiring, they “returned fire,” shooting at Ransom, who stood by his van, his hands in the air, yelling that he was unarmed. “I wasn’t counting” the shots, he said. “But it sounded like a lot.” None hit him, but three hit the van. The two officers, who were so panicked that they also shot out their own windshield, were put on administrative leave. (RC/Kansas City Star) ...Let’s hope they don’t spend their time off doing target practice.
Original Publication Date: 28 November 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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