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His Hobby Stinks

Four years ago, Gary Moody was found wearing waders, hip-deep in the waste pit of a ladies' outhouse in New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest. Moody said he was searching for his wife’s lost wedding ring, but investigators didn’t buy it and filed charges. A federal judge spared him jail, ordering him to get psychiatric treatment instead. Recently a camper in Maine, a few miles from the New Hampshire border, said that she went into a pit-toilet restroom and “a man popped up out of the hole leading to the waste vault,” according to court papers. “The man [said], ‘Sorry about that, I was getting my shirt.’” Sure enough, it was Moody, now 47, who faces three new federal charges. Moody admits he never got the ordered psychiatric treatment and has waded in outhouses “on more than the two occasions when he happened to get caught,” an investigator says, but “expressed anger toward society because of how he was treated after he was found in the pit of a national forest outhouse in 2005,” causing him to suffer “extreme embarrassment.” (RC/New Hampshire Union Leader) ...But apparently not enough to stop doing it. Let’s hope he’s embarrassed enough this time.
Original Publication Date: 27 September 2009
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 16.

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