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I’d Like a Second Opinion, Please

Jerry Douthett, 48, came home and passed out after a night of drinking. When he woke up, he screamed, “My toe’s gone! My toe’s gone!” his wife says. She ran in, and sure enough, their dog Kiko, a Jack Russell terrier, had chewed the big toe off of his right foot. “He ate it,” Douthett said, explaining he had injured his toe, and it was so swollen he couldn’t wear shoes. As it got worse over several weeks, “it smelled,” he remembered, “and I look back now and realize every time we’d visit someone with a dog, their dog would be sniffing all over my foot.” Douthett’s wife, a nurse, took him to the emergency room, and doctors pronounced him lucky: the dog’s actions alerted them to check, and found Douthett is a previously undiagnosed diabetic. The infection in his toe could have gotten much worse if the dog hadn’t done something. Doctors removed the rest of the toe and sent Douthett home with a new medical regimen. (RC/Grand Rapids Press) ...Step 1: Keep the dog well fed.
Original Publication Date: 08 August 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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