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Incriminating Evidence

When the manager of a store in Brockton, Mass., arrived for work, he found a burglar. The manager not only had some time, he had a special opportunity while waiting for police arrive: the burglar had tried to gain entry by prying open a heavy metal door — but before he could crawl all the way through, his wedge slipped and the door closed on his head. “I happened to walk in and he was there,” said John Rodriguez. “I saw that little head sticking out.” He was stuck there, conscious and completely helpless, for about nine hours. While waiting for police, Rodriquez used the opportunity to record a short “interview” with the man. On video, the man claims he was “trying to fix the door,” then claims he was really trying to go to a different building, and then begs to be let go because he “didn’t take anything.” Officers rescued Manuel Fernandes, 53, from the door, and arrested him on charges of breaking and entering, and malicious damage to property. (RC/Brockton Enterprise) ...And what do you want to bet he’ll plead not guilty?
Original Publication Date: 22 July 2012
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 19.

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