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It’s All About the Fees

When San Antonio College student journalists asked Jorge Posadas, the Texas college’s student life director, for an interview about how he spends about $500,000 in student activity fees, he responded by e-mail. “If you would like I can serve as professional source on the subject of student affairs,” he wrote, “and we can set up a professional consulting contract and we can negotiate an appropriate fee.” He also refused to be interviewed in person, preferring e-mail since “Face to face is not an accurate accountability measure, as it is one persons word against another a written statement is more accurate and fair.” After college president Robert Zeigler was asked to intervene, Posadas quickly backpedaled, saying he was “confused” and his response was “inappropriate.” But he’s still insisting that the interview be done by e-mail, since, he told the student newspaper’s editor, “It is not my role to be part of your [journalism] course.” (RC/San Antonio Express-News) ...Forget the interview about how he handles the fees. Call in the state auditor.
Publication Date: 20 November 2011
This story is in True’s book collection, Volume 18.
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