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Keep an Eye on This Guy

“Every person I know who’s lost an eye immediately thinks, ‘I should think about getting a camera’,” claims Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence. But Spence, 36, actually did it. He damaged his right eye as a child, and doctors finally suggested it be removed. He first checked with bionics researchers in Australia, but instead used local engineers, who developed a camera, transmitter, and power source that fit into a prosthetic eye he can pop into his socket. “The aesthetic, oddly, is very similar to the point of view of the Terminator from the first Terminator film, including a slight wavering of video,” he says. Spence, also known as “Eyeborg”, admits “the two words that always come up when I meet people are ‘fascinating’ and ‘creepy’.” He’s in the process of making a documentary with his eyecam, and attended the Other Film Festival in Melbourne, Vic., Australia, to show the first footage. (RC/Sydney Morning Herald) ...Critics described the result as “eye-popping.”
Original Publication Date: 05 September 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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