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License to Judge

Amber Yust, 23, of San Francisco, Calif., has filed a complaint against license clerk Thomas Demartini of the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. After Yust went to the DMV to request the gender on her license be changed from male to female, Demartini sent her a letter saying her actions were “an abomination that leads to hell.” The clerk suggested she visit his church’s web site to learn “critical information for your salvation,” and the same mail delivery brought a DVD from the church warning of the “eternal damnation” that’s brought on to those “possessed by [the] demon” of homosexuality. Yust says it’s “scary that someone whos part of a government agency is able to take my personal information and get in touch with me,” and is threatening to sue. Demartini allegedly had a similar complaint against him a year before, when he told a transgender woman, “God will send you to hell.” (RC/San Francisco Chronicle) ...If there’s anyone who knows about hell, it’s a DMV clerk.
Original Publication Date: 02 January 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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