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Living in Sin

After 48 years of marriage, Bob and Norma Clark of Redlands, Calif., thought it was time to get their affairs in order. One thing they needed: a copy of their marriage licence. They didn’t have one, so they sent $20 to get a copy from the San Mateo County Hall of Records. “They went back to the year 1956, but no record of our marriage could be found,” Bob said. Luckily, the church they were married in had a copy in their files, but the county wouldn’t accept it — certificates have to be filed within two years, the county said. Bottom line: their marriage wasn’t legally valid. The Clarks found two witnesses to their wedding who were still alive, got a new marriage license, and filed it to make things legal with the state. “And now we are here to tell our tale,” Norma said. “Everyone thinks it’s a real kick.” (RC/Redlands Daily Facts) ...But that’s not the interesting tale. It’s what happened when the IRS read this story, and demanded 48 years of amended tax returns.
Original Publication Date: 20 January 2013
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 19.

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