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Colleen Frable was upset when she got home from work and found her unemployed boyfriend, Darren Suchon, 42, had spent the entire day playing video games. The next day, when she left for work, she took the PlayStation console with her. As she drove down the highway through Lehigh Township, Pa., she noticed her own Porsche gaining on her, with Suchon at the wheel, flailing his arms trying to get her to stop. He allegedly forced her off the road twice, and rammed her at a stop light, all in an attempt to get the game back, she said. She didn’t relent, and called 911. Suchon was charged with assault, reckless endangerment, harassment, disorderly conduct, reckless driving, and driving with a suspended or revoked license, and held on $25,000 bail. (RC/Allentown Morning Call) ...Let’s just hope that was his Final Fantasy.
Original Publication Date: 14 November 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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