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Man’s Best Friend

Wayne Greiser II, 32, of Freeport, Pa., and his father went looking for Wayne’s missing dog. The men found it stuck part-way down a sheer hillside, so Greiser started to climb down after it. He slipped in the snow and slid about 100 feet, stopping himself just before a straight drop to the bottom. At least he was near his dog. Greiser tried to move but started sliding again, so “I figured it was safer for me to hang on where I was,” he said, while his father went to call 911. Having nothing else to do while he and the dog awaited rescue, Greiser, a high school basketball coach, sent text messages to cancel a practice session, and updated his Facebook page. (RC/Tarentum Valley News Dispatch) ...From “Prefer: Dogs” to “Prefer: Cats”.
Original Publication Date: 13 February 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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