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McRobbery and a Side of Lies

A man at the drive-through window of a Key West, Fla., McDonald’s handed over a note: “I got a gun. Give it up.” The cashier did, giving the man the whole cash drawer and the $1,934 in it. Leroy Hicks, 26, was arrested. His defense: a man with “gold fangs and a five-star tattoo with a B in the middle of the star on his forehead” had asked to buy marijuana from him. When he offered him a ride to somewhere to buy pot, his passenger ordered him to rob Mickey D’s and threatened him with a gun, and a picture of his girlfriend: “If the cops come looking for me, you’ll get what’s coming to you and I’ll kill your girl.” (AC/Florida Keys KeyNoter) ...Considering the credibility of the story, I think the girl is safe.
Original Publication Date: 22 January 2012
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 18.
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